ModBiome – 44.25g





Clinically proven to restore gut balance and increase skin health through building blocks of colonizing bacteria. Great for individuals with issues that are suspected of the rising issue of intestinal dysbiosis or dysbiotic skin microbiota. Great for addressing acne, eczema, and other issues pertaining to diet and/or the suspected origins of auto-immunity.

Featured Ingredients:

Pretix- a prebiotic that has FDA GRAS status. In a 2014 study, stool samples indicated as much as a 21% increase in beneficial bacteria within 30 days. Studies also show that this prebiotic may help in the area of weight management since it makes the utilization of energy more efficient. It helps to modulate the specific numbers in a bacterial community while having a unique efficacy at a low dose. This pre-biotic has a high rate of survivability in both heat and acid, which makes it a great product for ingestion. It’s also highly tolerable while prone to having low side effects such as loose stools. Promotes growth of Bifidobacterium, which is a key producer of lactic acid designed to break down foods. A healthy level of this bacteria may help the client to replace their digestive supplement. Increases the body’s ability to take in and utilize vitamins from food. This bacterium is also present in fermented products such as yogurt, the human vagina, and the colon flora of most mammals.

BeautyOligo- a proven prebiotic that contains Galacto-Oligo Saccharide for improving intestinal efficiency. Improves mineral absorption and regulates toxins to improve various skin conditions. It regulates changes in cytokines which are like a control center for the skin’s immunity. Beauty Oligo Reduces TEWL and the Effect of Erythema. Studies also showed an “improvement” in the melanin index I.E., brightening within 12 weeks. Possibly this is a connection to better absorption of Vitamin D.

Actazin– a whole-food-based ingredient that is sourced from the Green Kiwi that is based in New Zealand. Actazin is said to promote regularity and reduce the incidence of constipation while NOT promoting the opposite effect of diarrhea. Contains natural polyphenols (UV defense) and Actinidin which is Kiki Fruits’ own enzyme focused on breaking down protein. The Kiwi fruit also contains cellulose, Hemicellouse and pectin molecules. Kiwi fiber is also considered to be very hydrating, while kiwi phenols are said to reduce the populations of harmful pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal wall.

HU 58- high potency Bacillus Subtilis which is clinically studied to promote detoxification, reduce inflammation, and manage pain. May be useful for individuals with a wide array of Sibo-related conditions of the gut, such as Candida, C. Diff, parasites, and more. Clinically proven to reduce ammonia and Hydrogen, increase digestion, immune modulate and rebuild the mucosal lining in the gut, reducing and even eliminating leaky gut in certain individuals. Because the spore-forming stage of the probiotic is utilized, it has 100% of survivability vs a mere 4% of other probiotics. California Polytechnic University reported reviving the spore from a gut of a bee that was fossilized in Amber. Studies show that this bacterial spore produces its own antimicrobials against pathogenic bacteria.

Coagulans HC – known as a bacterial Sporogene, it’s most known as an Anti-Diarrheal but does not constipate. Great for travelers for this reason. Said to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, improve insulin levels and insulin sensitivity, elevate glutathione, enhance muscle recovery, improve GI inflammation, decrease bloating in support of weight loss, may boost immunity, and can be helpful in controlling symptoms of Vaginosis.

Clausii Bacillus- a rod-shaped, motile, spore-forming bacterium that is found in soil. It is classified as a probiotic organism that is symbiotic to the host organism. In this case, humans. Considered to be the “EUROPEAN PROBIOTIC,” which most have never heard of. Greatly replenishing, post-antibiotic, and survives highly acidic environments. Proven to reduce the number and frequency of respiratory infections. It’s also one of the rare probiotics that have the ability to “outsmart” antibiotics and survive treatment. It’s most known for producing its own antimicrobial substances that actively fight pathogenic bacteria such as C.Diff and Staphylococcus Aureus, also considered to be immunomodulatory.


Use about 1/2 teaspoon in water with lemon or juice. May also be added foods such as yogurt or oatmeal and eaten. Start every other day for the first week building to tolerance.